Ventre assists women to reconect with themselves through natural gynecology and holistic t
Ventre assists women to reconect with themselves through natural gynecology and holistic therapis (2

Interested in women's wellness and alternative medicine?

Check our natural gynecology page where you can find v-steaming and other practices to assist you in your journey.

Are you looking for Placenta Medicine?

At Ventre, we consider placenta medicine all kinds of practices, as the consumption of the placenta (placenta encapsulation, tincture, chocolates, etc) but also placenta art, readings, and rituals. Check our Placenta Medicine page to learn more about it!

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Explore our blog to have a more deep understanding of natural gynecology, women's wellness, alternative medicine, tips for holistic living, and much more. You can also join our workshops, sign on our waiting list to receive information first hand!


Manas Portal

Lunar Planner 2022

Manas Lunar Planner was created to assist you in aligning with your natural cycles because it combines astrology with natural gynecology. The planner was designed for you to learn about the outer moon (the one in the sky) and the inner moon (your menstruation cycle). You will navigate through the 12 zodiac signs and the main four moon archetypes that vibrate daily inside of us.

It contains not only astrological calendars so you can dance aligned with the universe but also moon mandalas, so you can keep track of your period in a fun and complete way. Learning about your inner waters, desires, wishes, and the best part of it, it gives you autonomy to do so.

I am very happy to be part of this project and to birth the Manas Lunar Planner 2022! 

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Placenta Medicine

Placenta is our guard and source of life while we are in our mom’s womb. It is our connection between there and here, and as some believe it will always be the portal that will take us back when it is time. Placenta Medicine is the union between ancient knowledge and modern science. There are several other ways to connect with placenta medicine. The most common manners to honor your placenta are through ingesting, making art, or burring. 

The important thing is to acknowledge this connection and treat it with the respect this great and powerful organ deserves. I am so honored to work with Placenta Medicine and I will hold a meeting on the 25th of September at 10h (CET) to talk in-depth about the placenta, from the original people's cosmovision to ways to honor and consume it today. 


I'm still processing everything that happened since I had my consultation with Fernanda! She understood everything that I needed, actually, she knew more than me.

I had one of my best feminine experiences, trough the womb steaming prepared by her, and this was really way beyond that I could have imagined. 

I'm so glad to have such amazing woman and professional in journey.

♥️ Fê, obrigada por tanto!

Carla Felippo



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