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medicine woman

Doula, placenta specialist, herbal gynecology professional, and holistic therapist

Fern is a medicine woman, doula, focused on natural gynecology and holistic therapy, integrating both knowledges to assist women in their journey.

From a very early age, she was interested in herbs and healing and in 2016 she began working in the alternative medicine world.  In 2019, she gave birth to her first daughter and felt the need to dive into energy work. She learned Akashic Records Reading, Thetahealing, and Dream Interpretation from a Shamanic perspective. By 2020, Fern connected then with the ancient knowledge of herbal medicine focused on women. Practices and approaches taught by the abuelas and indigenous women. She found what she was looking for: herself, her light, her inner Goddess, and her main purpose in this lifetime. From there, her path became crystal clear and she kept on evolving as a person and professional. She became a placenta specialist, a doula, and a Perinatal Educator.

Fern is a complete professional focused on the women's life journey, who never stops learning and developing her skills to provide you with the best holistic care.

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