cunning women

Natural gynecology and Holistic therapies

Fernanda is a cunning woman, focused in natural gynecology and holistic therapist, integrating both knowledge to assist women in their journey.

From a very early age she was interested in herbs and healing but for a while she thought it was not something for her. It was only in 2016 that she re-opened for the alternative medicine world. She began receiving the first and second Reiki attunements, those were her first step back to what she believes is her purpose in this life.

She decided to deepen her herbal knowledge and attended several workshops and herbalist courses. In 2019, she had her first daughter and fell the need to dive into energy work. She learned Akashic Records Reading, Thetahealing, and Dream Interpretation from a Shamanic perspective. Her herbalism study kept on but she realized that clinical herbalism was not something she would like to do. Fernanda connected then with the ancient knowledge of herbal medicine focused on women. Practices and approaches taught by the abuelas and indigenous women. She found what she was looking for: herself, her light, her inner Goddess and her main purpose in this lifetime.

During her studies in Natural Gynecology she specialized in V-Steaming. That means she cares for gynecological issues with a natural, herbalist and holistic approach. Caring for women as a complete and complex being, as not a symptom, looking at them with affection and empathy, searching for the matrix of the issues and caring for the symptom and for the women. That is her differential, she cares for you with a holistic approach.