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Fern experience

from ancient tradition knowledge to modern practice

Women are portals who connect the other plans of existence to the Earth. Therefore it is so important to stay connected and well cared for during the entire pregnancy.

Fern offers doula services from the first trimester on, to assist you in preparing and feeling confident for your birth. Fern does not empower you, she provides you with information and knowledge, so you can empower yourself.

During the prenatal meetings, you will learn about the physiology and phases of birth, pain relief techniques, interventions during the delivery (pros and cons), how the Dutch health care system works, places for birth, and much more in the birth course. Since Fern is also a herbalist focused on women’s health, you will get the best natural care from the herbs too. You will learn how to naturally care for morning sickness, heartburn, hemorrhoids, and yeast infection. 

All the clients also receive a goodie bag containing perineum massage cream, an herbal blend to care for possible tearing during birth, intimate soap, and a foot soak blend to care for your feet and legs at the end of pregnancy.

As Fern is a herbal gynecology therapist, she can also assist you in preparing your cervix for birth using the v-stem technique to promote relaxation, improving circulation and lubrication of the vaginal canal. If you need to begin an induction process and would like first to try it naturally, she can also assist you with that using different techniques, such as exercises, rebozo, moxa, acupressure,  v-steaming, teas, and smoothies.

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