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Cyclical women - for women coaches

learn how to promote change with a cyclical perspective

This workshop was created for you to deepen your knowledge when it comes to women's cyclicity. We will learn the essentials of the women's cycles, and then deepen the knowledge to intertwine those with productivity and creativity.

Through the years I have noticed more and more coaches deciding to work only with women. It is a great idea, and I do believe that women were needing this approach. The idea with this combined workshop is to really deepen your knowledge of the cycles of the women, and also for you to learn how to include women who do not menstruate in your clientele.


Society is changing fastest everyday. Knowledge, diversity and inclusion in every level of it should follow. In order to achieve that it is important to deeply understand the cyclical tools and practices, to not only repeat them in a manner the modern women and transmen cannot follow anymore. These knowledge are as changeable as we are, these tools should be used for our assistance and not to tie us in an utopian practice for the contemporary days.

Cyclical women - for women coaches

6 hours

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