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Demeter Mentorship

For blooming women

Demeter Mentorship is six-month-long mentorship, with individual and group meetings.

It was created for women who are trying to conceive, to boost their fertility, but also for women having issues being creative, and those who want to learn in-depth about their cycles.

The content of the mentorship includes: 

Menstrual cycle; Fertility awareness; Consciouss conception; Fertility herbs; Natural gynecology practices; Creativity practices; Rituals and Goddesses; Moon Archetypes; Manifestation; EFT - Tapping; Worksheets; Lunar Mandala; and more.

We have three amazing bonuses: 

Masterclass Astrology and Fertility

with Nala Ferreira @astrobynala; Embroidery with Mariana Kamimura @makamimura; and Pelvic Physiotherapy class with

Dai Oakes @dai.oakes.

Full mentorship is valued at €792 but as this is the first edition in this format the total investment for the 6 months of mentorship is €557. There are payment options available.

If you have any questions do not hesitate in contacting me, it will be a pleasure to assist you. If you already filled out the application form, I will contact you shortly but if you did not fill it out yet and wish to, just click on the below button!

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