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Menarche for kids and teens

embracing our cycles from the beginning

This workshop was created to be a celebration!!! The kids and teens will learn about our cycles, why we menstruate, how powerful it is to have this power, and practices they can do throughout their cycles.

We know how scary and challenging this moment might be but it shouldn’t!!! To be cyclical and menstruate is part of who we are and there is absolutely nothing wrong or to be ashamed for! They will learn how to count their cycle, things they might feel in each moment of the cycle and how to cope with them. We all should learn from an early age that menstruation shouldn’t hurt, and that is a powerful tool to master!

All the teaching and practices are age appropriate and ludic! The gathering is a celebration of the great people

they are and will become!!!

Prices starting in €250 for three participants.

Menarche for kids and teens: Service
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