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Menarche for moms and daughters

re-signifying our cycles

In this workshop, we will work to promote the relationship between mother and daughter from a very deep and connected place, the menarche.

It was designed to teach mom and daughter about our cycles, what happens inside our bodies every cycle, and how to deal with these changes. We will talk about what is part of our cycle, what is not, and how to cope with challenges in the beginning of this new chapter in our daughter’s life. This is a very special workshop because moms can share their experiences in order to re-signify them. If the mom does not have a good relationship with her cycle, it is very likely that the daughter might suffer from that too. So this encounter was made to heal our own relationships with our cycles and assist our daughters in their journey.

30 minutes prior talk with mom to chat and align expectations;

2h30 workshop mom and daughter;


(payable in installments)

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