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Miscarriage and abortion Doula

you are not alone

First I would like to say how sorry I am you are going through this experience. I understand the impact it has on a woman’s life. Unfortunately, our society does not give the correct support one needs at these moments.

You are not alone.

Fern answers within a radius of 100km from Rotterdam.

Miscarriage Doula


If you went through the event of a miscarriage, we offer support from the moment it happens until you feel strong enough again. It might take time, but it will happen.

The support we offer is both physical and emotional. In cases where the miscarriage happened but the uterus is still holding into it, and the doctors want you to wait for your body to process the loss before doing any kind of intervention, we can try different non-invasive and herbal-focused techniques to accelerate the process. You will be supported and protected during the entire time.

If your miscarriage happened a while ago, and you somehow feel there is more to cure in order for you to feel whole again, we also offer emotional and energetic support by the means of herbal medicine.

Abortion Doula


The support we offer is both physical and emotional. If you decided to have an abortion and are looking for natural methods to do so, we can offer knowledge about the herbs commonly used for such. If you decided to do it by the means of allopathic medicine, we offer support during the entire time of the process, be it at a clinic or at your house. You will be supported, protected, and respected during the entire process.

If your abortion took place a while ago, and you somehow feel there is more to cure, or reflect on about the experience, we offer support both emotional and energetic by the means of energy work and herbal medicine.

Miscarriage and abortion Doula: Services
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