Natural Gynecology

reclaiming your body's wisdom and awakening your inner Goddess

Natural gynecology is an integrative and holistic approach to women and trans men's wellness. It is more than herbal medicine, ancient

and modern practices, it is a journey inside ourselves and our potential. 

Several gynecological issues can be accessed by natural gynecology. Infections, POS, PMS, endometriosis, fertility, libido,

menopause, cramps, etc. Especially the issues that are recurrent once it might have an emotional character too.

Natural gynecology cares for the woman as an entire being, not only a symptom.

You do not need to have an issue to look for a consultation. Natural gynecology is a way of living and enjoying life. It is a practice to connect you with your soul sisters too. As your Natural Gynecology Consultant, I’m committed to empowering you to live a better and healthier life through an integrative approach. Together, we’ll dive into your life to learn and care for your gynecological health.


Natural Gynecology Consultation

awakening your wisdom

During a natural gynecology consultation we will talk about your complaints, if there is any, and your life. Your experiences, your desires and wishes. By the end of the consult you will receive an individual protocol with the care you were looking for.

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V-Steaming session

connecting the physical, the emotional and the subtle bodies

In this consultation, we will work on the connection between your physical, emotional and energetic needs. V-Steaming is a great practice to work on all these levels and clean any stagnation in your physical, energetic womb or scral chakra. The protocol will be created based on your needs.


Pregnancy and Post partum care

being home and portal

When a woman is pregnant she is carrying not only a baby in her Ventre, she is carrying the entire human, and non human, conscious. She is a portal between dimensions. She is the ultimate creator of life.


Sacred Rituals

beliefs and magick

Living in communion with my purpose is one of my deepest beliefs. Part of this is to perform rituals. Ancient people ritualized important passages of life and unfortunately we have lost this practice. At Ventre I call it back and invite you to do the same.

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Placenta Medicine

medicine and art from your placenta

The placenta is an extremely precious organ. It represents the child's roots in the motherland. Several nutrients have already been found in the placenta and the benefits for the mother in the postpartum are numerous.