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Herbal Gynecology Consultation

awakening your wisdom

During a natural gynecology consultation, we will talk about your complaints, if there is any, and your life. Your experiences, your desires and wishes. By the end of the consult you will receive an individual protocol with the care you were looking for. In the end of the consultation I will do a Reiki treatment, and if you live in The Netherlands, a blend for a V-Steaming session, or another practice according to your protocol.

The Natural Gynecology consultation takes about 1h30. We will talk about your entire life and you can share with me everything you feel ready to share. We will go through your relationship with your cycles, your experience, your eating habits, and much more. Then we will access your complaints if there is any (infection, POS, PMS, endometriosis, fertility, libido, cramps, etc). I say this because Natural Gynecology is a way of living not only a tool to look for when you are actually experiencing gynecological issues. So do not be afraid of lighting up your inner Goddess and awakening your wisdom.

First consultation


1h30 consultation

Following consultation


1-hour consultation

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