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Period care

embracing our cyclicality

Several women did not receive proper period education. This affected us in our teenage years and kept on ruling our relationship with our period. This workshop aims to reconnect the dots so we can live a more fluid life.

Period care is one of the most important subjects for women. However, as society changed and contraceptive pills were invented alleged to free women and their sex life, they also create several issues we did not have. The pill put our entire reproductive system to sleep, which could be a good thing in some cases, but it also disconnected us from our greatest power: Creation. Here I do not talk about making babies, I am talking about the essence of creation and the privilege of being a cyclical being.

In this workshop, we will discuss what happens to our body during a cycle, what happens when we are on the pill, and the changes one must do and learn to stop the pill. Non-hormonal contraceptive options, ovulation, and period pain/cramps, and how to minimize and eventually have a non-painful cycle, because pain is

not part of our cycle.

Period care

2h30 workshop

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