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Placenta Medicine

honoring your placenta

The placenta is an extremely precious organ. It represents the child's roots in the motherland. It nurtures and guards the baby. Several nutrients have already been found in the placenta and the benefits for the mother in the postpartum are numerous.

The consumption of placenta has shown: decreased intensity of "baby blues" or "postpartum depression", minimizing the drop in energy in the postpartum period;

support lactation and decrease fatigue;

it is considered a great source of vitamins and minerals for postpartum, mainly iron;

increases the production of breast milk;

increases uterine tone by decreasing bleeding.

The most common way to consume is through placenta capsules and tinctures. But you can also eat chocolates, use oils, creams, shampoo, and much more.

However, placenta medicine is not only about consuming it, it is about connecting and honoring this precious organ. At Ventre, we do placenta reading about the baby's lineage and power animal. It is also possible to make prints, garden jars with the umbilical cord, or a small tamborcito (drum) to keep it for life.

To keep the placenta is the right of the family. To honor it is the right of the placenta guardian.