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Doula packages

Fern offers standard packages so you personalize with the add-ons you would like to have in your perfect doula package. She answers within a radius of 100km from Rotterdam.

Doula service


basic package - includes Childbirth Education Course

1 online free meeting to see if we are a match

4 prenatal appointments (including Childbirth Education course)

1 massage session around week 36

Unlimited messages, e-mail, and WhatsApp throughout your pregnancy until 6 weeks postpartum

24/7 on-call from week 38 until 42

Continuous support during labor

Up to 2 hours after birth

1 postpartum visitation

1 goodie bag with: natural cream for perineum massage, herbal blend for perineum care after birth, herbal blend for foot soak before birth



(possible to pay in installments)

excl: travel outside Rotterdam €0,26/km, and parking fees

Doula service add-ons


only available when booked doula service basic

Placenta medicine - encapsulation, tincture, 2 prints, tamborcito, umbilical cord garden, dried placenta: €430

(other combinations possible)

Placenta Smoothie: €40

Extra massage: €80

Mantelada (massage with rebozos): €95

Mother blessing ritual: €210

Closing ceremony: €170 with one facilitator, and €260 with two facilitators

Doula last-minute


only available after the 36th week of pregnancy

1 free online meeting to see if we are a match

1 prenatal visitation

Unlimited messages, e-mail, and Whatsapp from the minute you book my services

24/7 on-call from the 38th week until 42 (or when the baby is born)

Continuous support during labor

Up to 2 hours after birth

1 postpartum visitation


excl: travel costs outside Rotterdam €0,26/km and parking fees

Pocket Consultancy


for you who know information is power

When I was pregnant I was able to hire a doula but I know that is not everyone's reality. Thinking of this, I offer pocket consultancy. During the meeting, we can talk about your pregnancy, birth plan, questions, induction, and anything you believe it is important for you to know about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

€120 per hour


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