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Six tips for your V care

Updated: May 11, 2021

Different from what we have been told for years, we do not need special soaps with neutral pH or VJJ deo to care for the health of our Vs. Actually we need not more than water! But here are six tips for you to take good care of your V.

🔻Let you V breathe;

🔻Avoid underwear and try to sleep without any fabric down there;

🔻Wash your V only with water! Our Vs self-cleans!

🔻If you need to wear underwear go for cotton ones, it let our V breathe better;

🔻Do not wash inside your vagina, it harms more than keep it healthy;

🔻Give her some love, she is unique and you are stuck with your V, so better love it!

Talking about Vs, have you checked The Vulva Gallery? The artist and author Hilde Atalanta paints vulvas and educational sets showing us that there are all kinds of vulvas and they are all pretty and amazing!

Art: Hilde Atalanta (The Vulva Gallery)

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