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What is Natural Gynecology?

Updated: May 11, 2021

Natural gynecology is an integrative and holistic approach to women's wellness. It is more than herbal medicine, ancient and modern practices, it is a journey inside ourselves and our potential.

There are years of excessive medicalization, use of hormones, and erroneous thoughts about menstruation. Doctors took over our bodies and got used to telling us what to do, even though we had no problem with our body. Natural gynecology promotes the rescue of your potential as a woman giving you tools to learn and discover yourself. Our body is our compass, our guide, we only need to learn how to listen.

NG is a way of living, and by looking at life, it does care only about the woman’s symptoms, it looks after the woman as a whole being, a complete and complex self with desires, experiences, and wishes. It is a therapy that deals also with our chakras and subtle bodies, promoting this way an integrative healing, physical, emotional and energetical.

Some of the issues NG cares are:




Hormonal issues;

Fertility issues;

Libido; etc

However, it also assists in preventive care, giving back to the women the responsibility of her own body. No one is better than us to say where it hurts, or what has changed. NG though, does not exclude conventional care, it is a complementary therapy.

Which practices are encompassed in Natural Gynecology?





Self-knowledge; etc

Natural Gynecology is an alternative and holistic medicine. It is an ancient knowledge commonly passed through oral teachings. There are some different perspectives even inside NG because, even though it is an ancient knowledge, it might change accordingly to villages, clans, and physical location. Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru are some of the places that have a lot of shared knowledge but also differences in some approaches. Other great allies to NG are Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

It is important to say that herbal medicine is still medicine, and that herbs should be treated with care and respect because they can heal, but they can also harm. Learning about our flora is essential for a good protocol.

Another very relevant thing to consider, is that we are all different beings. Therefore, even if we have the same complaints they might have different matrices. Every protocol developed is created for that specific woman taking in consideration her entire being and lifestyle. There is no magic recipe. It is all about the journey and how deep one is willing to go.

Natural gynecology is a way back home.

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