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Neem Oil

A scientific study was made to verify the agency of neem oil as a natural spermicide.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a tree originally from Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent and it has numerous medicinal properties:





­čî┐Natural insecticide

­čî┐Cholesterol control

­čî┐Control and reduction of bacterial plaque on teeth and gingivitis

­čî┐Assists in the control of diabetes and in cases of gastric ulcers.

Besides all these, the research found that Neem's vegetable oil has an effect on the endometrium of rats (yes! The research is still preliminary and was conducted only on female rats), through absorption in the general circulation from the vaginal epithelium! The anti-estrogenic quality of Neem oil explains its anti-implantation effect!

In Ayurveda medicine, Neem oil is used for quite a long time to treat several diseases and being used as a vaginal lubricant. Important to say that if you wish to try it out as a lubricant it better be a high quality oil, bio, etc.

Even though the study was yet not conducted in humans, there is a big light at the end of this road. Very promising!!!

If you want to find more about the scientific study in question, go to .