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V-Steaming and science

Let’s start from the beginning, how does v-steaming work?

The practice consists of steaming the perineum. To do that we begin boiling some water, adding therapeutic herbs, and pouring it into a bowl. Then the person must wear a long skirt or a blanket around her/his/their waist and squat on top of the herbal preparation. It is like an intimate sauna and the aim is that the steam reaches not only the perineum but also the uterus, for those who have it, and cleans it. But not only, but herbs also have energetic properties, so they can also care for our ventre in this way.

You most likely never heard of this in regular gynecological consults, and if you bring it up the doctor may say there is no scientific basis, that the steam could not reach the uterus, that it makes no sense, that you are crazy. I must confess that once I also thought it was a bit crazy, but I opened up to the practice and the experience was very much positive.

The simple argument “this has no scientific basis” is weak because doctors quickly refuse to talk about it and science has no interest in researching the subject. This is refusing to look at the whole picture because in practice, we have seen many women benefiting from alternative treatments for a very long time. Many traditional treatments used in natural gynecology go against the industry that has no interest in researching them. Although many herbs were studied and researched, most practices were not, but there is a lot one can do to care and heal.

It is perfectly physically coherent that steaming has effects. The person steaming keeps the steam inside the skirt and blanket. This retains the steam promoting, in the case of females the opening of the vagina, and in other cases, the dilatation of the pores, the droplets that evaporate, and contain the properties of the herbs, go up the vaginal canal or inside the pores. It reaches the uterus, and the rest of the body, the steam also has an impact on the subtle bodies, having an effect primarily on the first and second chakra.

The vaginal mucosa is extremely thin and sensitive. It has great absorption capacity too. Any substance in contact with the mucosa quickly falls into the bloodstream. Heat promotes vessel dilatation and better blood circulation in the area, which further enhances the action of the herbs used. There are several benefits from steaming, even only with water, as hydration of the region and improvement of vaginal health. The final effect will depend on the herbal blend one decides to use. Herbs have different medicinal and energy properties. Physically speaking then, the effect will depend on which herbs are used as each one has its medicinal properties.

Anyone who works with herbs (herbalists, aromatherapists, natural gynecology professionals) knows it is obvious that herbs carry energy, medicine, and life force. I do not believe it is in the interest of science and the pharmaceutical industry to research and prove the v-steaming benefits. But in the end, it does not matter, there are things we need to experiment and feel with our whole bodies to make conclusions, and science just does think this way.

I invite you to v-steam and draw your own conclusion.

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