Pregnancy and Postpartum care

being home and portal

When a woman is pregnant she is carrying not only a baby in her Ventre, she is carrying the entire human, and non human, conscious. She is a portal between dimensions. She is the ultimate creator of life.

These are our beliefs here at Ventre. Women are portals who connect the other plans to the Earth. Therefore it is so important to stay connected and well cared for during this period. We offer labour preparation sessions from the 38th week, with V-Steaming. If you need to begin an induction process and would like to first try it naturally, we can also assist you with that by herbal medicine

and V-Steaming.

V-Steaming promotes three main actions in our body for labour: relaxation, circulation and lubrication. Therefore it is a great add to your partum preparation package. 

We also offer postpartum practices based on herbal medicine. Soon we shall offer placenta encapsulation and other placenta

medicines and arts.

Ventre offers different packages for pregnancy and post partum care. Click on more info to receive all we can offer you.