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V-Steaming for labor

 only for labor professionals

ancient knowledge for a respectful birth

V-Steaming is an ancient and amazing practice used in several occasions of a woman's life. Much has been said about the danger of steaming when pregnant. However, V-steaming is a great ally for labor preparation, labor induction, and as a pain reliever.

I created this workshop to share with you all my knowledge in this practice for pregnant women. My approach is not only physical but emotional, energetically, and ritualistic. V-Steaming can assist pregnant women in three main factors: circulation, relaxation and lubrication. All three are very important for natural labor. In this workshop you will learn the history of V-steaming, how to properly do a V-Steaming session, when to steam, how to choose the correct herbal blend and why to use them!

In addition to V-Steaming to prepare for labor, you will learn blends to induce labor, and to be used in the postpartum. Food, teas and practices for this so important and special moment in the life of the women and her family.

Coming soon, sign up to our waiting list to receive information first!

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