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V-Steaming session

connecting the physical, the emotional and the subtle bodies

In this consultation, we will work on the connection between your physical, emotional and energetic needs. V-Steaming is a great practice to work on all these levels and clean any stagnation in your physical or energetic womb or sacral chakra. The protocol will be created for your needs. You will also receive a playlist

for your practice.

Our body is our temple and our Ventre our second heart. The purpose of V-Steaming is to empower by the means of self-knowledge and self-awareness. Ventre steaming is an ancient practice that reaches not only our physical body but our subtle body as well. This way, even if you do not have a womb anymore, or if you are a trans man, trans woman, or even a man, it is for you too. There are herbs to assist you in your postpartum, in your female connection, for your period and cycle, to connect with your ancestors, to clean traumas and memories printed inside your ventre. V-steaming is a treat to ourselves. Mother Earth gifts us with herbs, flowers, plants and trees, our answer is already here, we just need to know where and how to look.  Let me assist you in this journey!

For the time being a V-Steaming protocol is only possible through the natural gynecology consultation. As soon as Ventre's space is open, there will be possible to book a session led by Fernanda.

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