gathering women to connect and support each other

Ventre workshops are created to ignite your ineer light. Most of them take place in groups of women and I believe there is always a reason why that group was formed. Some workshops are private, for families or small celebrations, or if you have a group of friends interested it is also possible to have a private workshop with your friends.

No matter which workshop speaks to you, listen always with your heart.

Ventre Journey

unveiling our cycles

In this workshop we will unveil our inner moon, our period cycle, our sexual meridians and the medicines of each moon. Learning our body is the greatest tool for a more balanced and connected life.

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Menarche for moms and daughters

re-signifying our cycles

In this workshop we will work to promote the relationship between mother and daughter from a very deep and connected place, the menarche.

The cyclical entrepreneur

for the modern connected women

We are all cyclical beings, and in this workshop you will learn how to use your cyclical power in your daily activities, how to use your inner phases in your work, and deepen into your own wisdom creativity.


Period care

embracing our cyclicality

Several women did not receive proper period education. This affected us in our teenage years, and kept on ruling our relationship with our period. This workshop aims to reconnect the dots so we can live a more fluid life.

Menarche for kids and teens

embracing our cycles from the beginning

This workshop was created to be a celebration!!! The kids and teens will learn about our cycles, why we menstruate, how powerful it is to have this inner compass, and practices they can do throughout their cycles.


Cyclical women - for women coaches

learn how to promote change with a cyclical perspective

This workshop was created for you to deepen your knowledge when it comes to women's cyclicity. We will
learn the essentials of the women's cycles, and then deepen the knowledge to intertwine those with 
productivity and creativity.

V-Steaming for labor

 only for doulas and midwifes

ancient knowledge for a respectful birth

V-Steaming is an ancient and amazing practice used in several occasions of a woman's life. Much has been said about the danger of steaming when pregnant. However, V-steaming is a great ally for labour preparation, labour induction, and as a pain reliever.

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Ventre's workshop are developed believing in the potential of natural gynecology and holistic living. Our goal is you assist you to enlighten your inner Goddess

and to trust your wisdom.

Are you looking for a private workshop or for a group of friends? Contact me so we can plan this celebration!!!