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women's circle to connect and support each other

Ventre gatherings are created to ignite your female power. Most of them take place in groups of women, who may or may not know each other. There is always a reason why a group is formed. You can have a private gathering with your ladies, or a bonding afternoon with your daughter. Every now and then Ventre offers gatherings for single riders, this way you can meet new people,

and gain knowledge about your body.

Below you can find some of the gatherings we have already promoted. If you are interested in one of them, just send me a message,

and let's make it happen!


Period care

embracing our cyclicality

Several women did not receive proper period education. This affected us in our teenage years, and kept on ruling our relationship with our period. This workshop aims to reconnect the dots so we can live a more fluid life.

Ventre's workshop are developed believing in the potential of natural gynecology and holistic living. Our goal is you assist you to enlighten your inner Goddess

and to trust your wisdom.

Are you looking for a private workshop or for a group of friends? Contact me so we can plan this celebration!!!

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